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What is Corporate Housing?
What is Corporate Housing?
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New Orleans corporate housingDoes your job require you to move to a new city? Maybe you are just planning on taking an extended business trip to another area. It is in times like these that employers and employees may consider corporate housing solutions. But what exactly is corporate housing?

Most of the time, corporate housing can refer to fully furnished condominiums, apartments, or houses that can be leased for a temporary amount of time. Most apartments operate on year-long leases and would not work in your favor if your job only requires you to relocate for a few months. Corporate housing and apartments typically have a minimum stay of 30 days, which is perfect for shorter business trips. After 30 days, many corporate housing solutions offer daily rates that can be extended for as long as your job requires.

Another thing to note about corporate housing is that it is specifically designed for the short and extended stay of business travelers. This would include new hires relocating from another city or state, current employees looking to transfer to another branch, and anyone else needing to work on-site for a client as seen with many travel nurses. As finding a home or apartment can take some time, you can move into corporate housing under short notice.

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