Blue Water Corporate Housing

Real Solutions in Short-term Housing.

At Blue Water Corporate Housing, our primary goal is to provide superior corporate housing with all the comforts of home. When your project or assignment takes you away from home we want to make your extended stay in corporate housing as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our apartments provide you with top notch amenities while being conveniently located to access life’s necessities and indulgences.

Clients benefit greatly from Blue Water being an expert in temporary and long-term corporate housing . Our services can be customized to meet your specific needs based on location, industry or project. This creates the ideal environment for our client to be most productive while on and rested and relaxed while off.

Why waste your time and energy seeking a hotel room or temporary residence that is unlikely to offer you anything near what Blue Water provides? We provide units that are completely set up, just move your clothes in and you’re ready for work.


Living Is Easy So You Can Focus on Work.

Whether you’re relocating on a temporary job assignment or you and your family are between homes, we have the perfect corporate housing accommodations for you. Blue Water apartments are strategically located to serve clients who work in various industries such as Petroleum, Medical, Banking, Legal & Entertainment.